19 Sep 2010



Hello everyone! Today in 4-ish hours we are getting on a plane and flying to England! Better start charging my ipod…On Saturday night we went to Ky’s Mighty Boosh/Alice in Wonderland/Marie Antionette birthday party. Bunya, Minnie, Bollo and I played the Hardest Button to Button by the White Stripes. Bollo (Smiley) if you ever read this thank you so much for drumming with us!

Last night the TV said Joan Jett was playing in Brisbane. I think it said next year if anyone cares..

Acacia Pip xxx

P.S. I will try to get the video of us playing up soon.


20 Sep 2010

Aunty Donna says;

I miss you all already!! Hope the flight isnt tooooo long and you get there real soon! Cant wait to see the vid… Luv Aunty D-D xxx

25 Sep 2010

Kayla :) says;

Heyy guys LOVE the website! Wow…seems like you have a big weekend planed ahead. Hope you have the bestestestest time EVER!!!

P.S I wish i could see acacia and minnie play at the zoo. :)

Kayla xxx