20 Sep 2010


Avebury and Stonehenge

Avebury and Stonehenge

Hit the ground running on our first day in the UK. We arrived around 5.30am and were picked up from the airport by Uncle Alan. After driving us back to Wroughton and feeding us he then drove us off to see some of the sites of Wiltshire.


Ancient stone circle much larger than it’s more famous cousin plus a great old church.


We all know what it looks like and it is incredible. Although I knew it was going to be busy I was still surprised at how many people were there. Ambience kind of ruined by this and the tractor and blokes spreading fertiliser thing going on.


25 Sep 2010

Soozi says;

I remember doing the same trip 10 years ago…Avebury with Gramps and Stonehenge with Alan and June. ENjoy the history!

29 Sep 2010

Aunty Donna says;

Nice to see Steve brought alone his “little special friend” to keep him safe…