23 Sep 2010


Wroughton Wiltshire

Wroughton Wiltshire

Some pictures from a day wandering around the village where I grew up and where lots of my relatives still live (see a map). I left when I was 10 so it brings back lots of memories.

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25 Sep 2010

Soozi says;

Was looking for pics of our old houses…where r they????

25 Sep 2010

Noah! says;

Hi guys saw the link on facebook so I had a look. It seems like you are having lots of fun, enjoy the rest of your trip and i’ll keep on looking at your blog.
cya Noah

P.S I like the little green guy!

    26 Sep 2010

    Pip says;

    The Green Guy is Gumby!

27 Sep 2010

Noah says;

Who is Gumby?