26 Sep 2010



Yesterday we went into Swindon looking for a guitar. We found four guitar shops and ended up spending 30 pounds on the guitar and 18 on a case. Its full size and has steel strings and i also saw a Courtney Love guitar like in CelebritySkin! x


27 Sep 2010

Noah says;

Lets see some pics!

27 Sep 2010

Pip says;

There also was a jaguar fender.

28 Sep 2010

Paul Rogers says;

sorry i missed you before you left. sounds as though you are right into travel mode. have a great time. keep posting lots of photos.
luv from Paul. (dad/grand.pa/etc)

10 Oct 2010

Tiffany says;

I’m very glad you now have a guitar to accompany you:)
Love to you all!

13 Oct 2010

Nicole says;

Hello fellow travellers, so great to see some photos of you, where are the Annette photos?? Having a nice time myself, exploring Switzerland and trying to learn Deutch very quickly so i don’t keep buing the wrong food. Went to the Paul Klee gallery and might just get a Klimt exhibition in too. Have a great time and look after each other, lots of love, Nicole