27 Sep 2010



Is there anybody going to listen to my story? All about the girl who came to stay.

Hello. We just spent three days in Leverpool and it’s definitly my favorite so far.

On Tuesday we went on a massive Beatles museum tour thing. It was very entertaining. We managed to finally escape from the Fab Four gift shop with only 3 t-shirts, 3 badges about 6 postcards and 4 picks.

We then walked to the second part of the tour. It was a beatles gallery and a 4D short film which sprayed us in the face,jolted the seats, released bubbles and blew wind at us. I was disappointed that they had other people playing the beatles songs not even the Beatles. I also told the man at the counter i liked his Beatles hair even though iwasn’t sure if it was real or a wig…

On Wednesday we went to John and Pauls homes that they grew up in. We didn’t kiss the floor Paul walked on, as the guide suggested, but we did find out lots of interesting stuff.

Also we were all facinated by the Yellow Duck Marine. Its a yellow (as you might have guessed) bus thing that cleverly
drives into the water and is also a boat. Who’d have thought it!


8 Oct 2010

Ky says;

Did you all get matching haircuts and suits??

10 Oct 2010

Tiffany says;