01 Oct 2010


Kendal, Hawkshead & The Lake District

Kendal, Hawkshead & The Lake District

Kendal, Tarn Hows, rain, mint cake

by Annette, aka Mum who is ‘a pig from another country, whilst in a small Cumbrian tea shop, because my scone made crumbs scatter all over the table’ (refer to Minnie next time you see her).

Thursday 30th September

Where does one start? We are staying at the YHA in Kendal. Our room is up approx. 12 flights of stairs in the servants quarters of a Georgian House; low beams, no window, but it is nice and cosy. I was imagining we would be doing 2 or 3 walks per day. We went to Hawkshead yesterday, picked up a rustic guide for a 2 and a half hour scenic walk to Tarn How and back. We were only half way through our ‘instructions’ ending up at the Tarn (beautiful lake) which took us about 2 and a half hours. Steve and I were secretly panicking we wouldn’t be back to our car before dark.

The ‘walk’ involved rambling across beautiful farms, through woods, across streams, along narrow lanes complete with dry stone walls (of course)- it was glorious. It’s just a shame the 16 year old guide was hard to follow, and also that we took a wrong turn which threw out the 2nd half of the journey. We had to walk back via the road before finding a gate we were familiar with, which calmed us all down, to finish up rambling across a farm, past a vicarage, through a church yard and back into Hawkshead.

It was an adventure (we got to eat our sandwiches in the pouring rain sheltering under a wooded area) but the girls don’t want to do another.

Friday 1st October

Today is non stop raining. Because of our efforts yesterday, the girls got to decide what we do today.

So, we are catching up on the blog. We are also going to a chocolate cafe where there are 18 sorts of hot chocolate to choose from. They don’t want to go outside. I’m going to check out Kendal though, soon.

PS. Kendal’s famous Mint ‘Cake’ as used by Tensing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary on their Everest journey.
Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, peppermint oil and water. Hmmm. I’m not even going to try it.


2 Oct 2010

Aunty Donna says;

Love the pics! Looks like you ae really getting around. Fras and I landed in Auckland today, arriving on LAN Chillian flight! We wre booked on Qantas. The whole flight was spoken in Spanish, and then some English…First day IN NZ has been nice weather and friendly locals. Cheap alcohol, so F & D are slightly pissed!

4 Oct 2010

Paul (aka Dad) says;

love the pics. keep posting them. you are really getting around.

8 Oct 2010

Pete (aka Mon's better 'arf) says;

Mon’s really jealous as the Lake District is her favourite place in the UK! The Applie Pie at the “Apple Pie Teashop” in Ambleside is awesome – we have the mugs!

8 Oct 2010

Ky says;

It’s so green and you all look so wet and beautiful – can’t wait for more installments – and what yummy cake comes next ……
Love you guys xx

10 Oct 2010

Margot says;

Hello from still revoltingly wet Bellingen. We are all so over it!!!!
It will be very green and lush here when you return – look out for the leeches!!! Little buggers got me yesterday!
Back deck is now on the youthspace and front ramp half finished. Its looking fabulous. If it will stop raining we might be finished it by your return.
Your trip sounds fantastic and I love the pics – Travel safe and have fun in Paris!!!! I love Paris in the Springtime and any other time. au revoir love Margot

10 Oct 2010

Tiffany says;

Still raining Still dreaming here in Lake Bellingen!
This blog is great and these photos are beautiful!
Such a beautiful place:) X

13 Oct 2010

Pete (aka Mon's better 'arf) says;

Hi guys,
It’s safe to come back now as it has stopped raining – well for 24 hours anyway.