04 Oct 2010




After leaving Robert and Judy, sadly, in breathtaking South Dalton we hit the road for Hebden Bridge but made a 2 and a half hour detour to the Yorkshire Dales as I had to see the Dales. Yet again breathtaking countryside. Narrow roads/lanes lined with drystone walls. Rambling hills and fields all broken up with stones walls. Along the tops of parts of the huge hills, huge mounds of rocks were visable leading me to believe that this is the source of all or some of the rock used in the making of the walls.

I had a perhaps childish need to see the Wendleydale cheese factory, or creamery. (Cheese Gromit?) It’s located in Hawes, pretty much in the middle of the Dales, population of about 600. It was definitely worth the detour. (I love wondering around and listening to the different accents in this country). There was about 18 or so different sorts of cheeses to try made by Wendsleydale, I was expecting a few but not such a feast. Yes (Gary P), the choice of cheese here is much better than Aus., and cheaper, too.

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