06 Oct 2010


Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire

Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire

Hebden Bridge is a cool little town on the edge of the Pennines in Yorkshire. It’s a 500-year-old former mill town that by the 60s was apparently dying after the British textile industry collapsed, only to undergo a rebirth in the 70s and 80s as uni students, artists and hippies moved in (see http://www.hebdenbridge.co.uk).

Hebden has a feel that reminds me of Bellingen – a lack of chain stores, alternative energy, cafes, culture, the feeling that it’s slowly getting more gentrified.

We stayed at the great little B&B Kersal House and enjoyed chatting with well-travelled and well-read hosts Maggie and Ron (and eating Ron’s breakfasts, black pudding optional).

Both of the nights we strolled along the canal and enjoyed huge meals at the Stubbing Wharf (plus great beer, local brew Wobbly Bob being my pick).


11 Oct 2010

John & Piggy says;

We are enjoying keeping up with the expedition.
I would like to hear that it is pissing down there every day because it is in Bellingen.
The secret elements show opens on Sunday at Nexus. They are all looking a bit edgy but the work looks good.
Bit of an after party at our place but I suppose you will have trouble with that.
Jack is doing a photo workshop for Coastal Claymakers on Saturday if it doesn’t flood again. I think he is a bit edgy too.
I hope you are all having a great trip and not snapping at each other too much.
The Bellingen art prize has just packed up after another successful run. I won it!!
John xxx

    11 Oct 2010

    annette says;

    Hi John & Piggy,

    Firstly WOW and congratulations on your 1st place John!!!
    I am extremely disappointed I wasn’t there to experience the night with you and Gloria, much so.
    But what a deserving person you are , I’m so happy for you!!!
    Our trip is great, the kids are trying to cope with it all. Today they asked if they could do something ‘normal, something we would normally do at home like watch a video or go to the gelato bar’. Poor lovies.
    Visiting more relos this week then off to Paris (9 nights), London (6 nights) KL (2 nights) then Laos (9 nights), so our more cultural journey is about to begin…
    Thanks for watching the blog, it’s nice to hear from loved ones at home.
    The cheese here in UK is excellent, I’m getting fat.
    Please say Hello to all the lovely ones at home. Bless them.
    Love Annette.