10 Oct 2010

The Flour Game

The Flour Game

I am writing this moments after it happened because it was so funny.

Alan and June had a dinner party thing for Karen’s birthday. There were 14 of us there, 6 kids and 8 adults. By the end of the evening all the kids and 4 adults had put their face in flour and grabbed a ring with their teeth.

We were playing a game called “flour”…or something. You get a bowl and put lots of flour in it. Then you get a tray or something flat and put it on top of the bowl, pressing in all the flour. Next you carefully tip the bowl and tray upside down and remove the bowl. Like making a sandcastle. It should hold shape. Then you get a ring and push it a little into the top of the flour castle.

Now for the fun bit. Go rould the circle and take turns in rolling a dice. If you get 3 or 6 you have to cut a section off the flour cake with a sharp knife. Keep going round and cutting untill the cake collapses and whoever collapsed it has to retrieve the ring, with their mouth. Funniest thing ever!

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