24 Oct 2010


Paris: Le Marais

Paris: Le Marais

Some pictures in and around the great neighbourhood where we stayed in Paris. Lots of narrow streets – cars park unbelievably close together – interesting shops, food markets, old buildings.


31 Oct 2010

Paul says;

just seen your Paris digs & the rest of Paris – i’m jealous

    2 Nov 2010

    steve says;

    Yep, not too shabby!

3 Nov 2010

Nicole says;

Hi Guys,
looks like you are really enjoying yourselves. Loving the blog. We got your parcel yesterday, wasn’t sure what it was so peeked inside then sealed it up again to be stashed safely somewhere. You are missing some stunning sparkling Springtime weather, I’ll put some in a jar for when you get home. Lots of love to you all, Nicole, Al, Jack, Holly, Owen, Oscar, Amelia, Matilda and Saffy!